Thursday, June 12, 2008

Olympics bill increases

The Olympics is getting more expensive by the day. I don’t think we should try to get it again because I wouldn’t be surprised if the equivalent cost came to £1 billion pounds for every day of the Olympics. Infact, that’s probably an underestimate.

The budget for policing the Olympics is probably going almost double to £1 billion which will probably wipe out the entire emergency fund and could even be much higher than £1 billion.

Policing is not all of the cost though. The Olympics bosses could be spending more money fighting court cases as disgruntled small business owners fight for promised compensation which they haven’t received yet. This will mean that after spending money on the compensation (which they eventually will do) they will probably have to shell out millions of pounds in legal fees just to hold the Olympics for 2 weeks and for what? The Olympics won’t give any lasting benefit to the country.

Just ask Greece how much the Olympics benefited them. The buildings that were built for the games have never been used again resulting in crumbling graffiti filled buildings which are useless and costing even more money in security. The Greek government spent £9 billion on the Olympics, much less than what we will probably spend and they are in a financial mess because of it.

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