Saturday, June 14, 2008

Food shortages in Africa

The world is trying to make the West feel sorry for Africa again but we should not feel guilty for anything. It is their own fault that they are starving.

UN food agency chief Jacques Diouf moaned that billions are being wasted on feeding obese people in the West while millions starve around the world. Mr Diouf should realise that these people wouldn’t be starving if they stopped popping another kid out every chance they got. They would probably have enough food to go around if they just had 2 children to feed instead of a dozen.

If the population of the planet keeps on rising there is of course going to be more famines and more people will starve. To deal with the increasing population UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said that world food production must rise by 50% by 2030 to meet increasing demand but the thing is there will be more people who will require more living space and they will have to get it from somewhere. Undeveloped areas would have to be built on with houses but these areas could also be used for farms.

World food production won’t rise anywhere near as significantly as they want it to because it just can’t unless GM crops are used and even then it will still be difficult and it will be even more difficult in Britain as we will have less farms than we do already. We will then have to rely on foreign countries for our own food.

Countries like Ethiopia who have just received £10m in aid from us should be told they will not get anymore aid unless they put in population control measures to reduce their birthrate. Reducing their birthrate should be a condition of receiving anymore aid. If they don’t do it they will be told that they can starve the next time there is a famine in their country.

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alanorei said...

The West aided and abetted the destruction of Rhodesia, which during the Smith era was able to feed all of Africa.

A few years later, under Mugabe, Zimbabwe was listed by the FAO as one of the many countries in Africa suffering from serious food shortages.

Blacks murdering white South African farmers aren't helping the situation either.

It is our politicians, Wilson, Heath, Thatcher, Owen and onwards to Blair and Brown who are also responsible for the starvation of African blacks. Any 'aid' that Brown sends to Africa will only end up in the Swiss bank accounts of incumbent African dictators, so the international bankers must bear a large share of the blame as well.

Of course, no 'coalition' will be sent to overthrow the 'rogue dictators.' There isn't a big enough oil incentive.