Friday, June 13, 2008

Immigrants and crime

There is something seriously wrong with how we treat immigrant criminals. A prison to deal with foreign criminals released prisoners without proper preparation because it wrongly assumed they would be deported. If I was the prison governor I would have assumed the exact same thing.

They should have automatically been deported the first time they stepped foot outside prison but idiots in government don’t seem to think that way. Idiot judges are something else to watch out for because while they are idiots they make decisions which are dangerous. Judge Julian Hall ruled that an illegal immigrant who abused a young girl for three years was not dangerous and should be free to stay in the UK after going to prison for more than 5 years.

Why is this idiot allowed to be a judge? He is doing more harm than good. He should be removed as a judge immediately and Nurul Islam should be automatically deported when released.

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alanorei said...

The current Common Purpose foreign influx mess with no outlet is deliberate. It is intended to force the population to accept a 1984-style 'big brother'* future in their up-and-coming golden garrotte regional EU prison compound.

*That's why the C4 programme is screened, to get you used to this kind of lifestyle as 'a bit of a laff.' Except it won't be, as any survivor of a Soviet gulag could testify.

No doubt after the Lisbon Treaty is implemented next year, the ECJ and europol will produce some spectacular anti-foreign criminal arrest-punishment results as a sly incentive for beleaguered Brits to swallow the sugar-coated full EU-CP absorption cyanide pill.