Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Labour should enforce knife laws

Knife crime is getting worse and yet the government is unwilling to do anything about it other than make laws which they probably won’t enforce. The Tories have hit upon a good idea on how to deal with knife crime – the answer is to enforce the laws we have. I don’t think the government have ever thought about that before.

The government do need to make one law or close the loophole in another law that means that yobs can take knives to court and actually get them given back when they leave because the knives are flick knives. This is of course utter stupidity which is why it should never be allowed to happen.

Knife crime is bad. It is so bad in London that knife violence in London is now running as high as gun warfare in some US cities and one third of trauma patients in the city have been stabbed.

The government is unwilling to take knife crime seriously enough with knife criminals normally receiving less than 4 months in prison for their crimes. Unless the government starts taking knife crimes seriously it is only going to get much worse than it is.

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