Saturday, June 28, 2008

White children now victims of multiculturalism

White children are much more likely to be bullied than any other ethnic group - reversing racial stereotypes surrounding playground abuse, Government research indicates.

Two thirds of children from white families say they had been bullied in the last three years but less than half of children of Indian origin make the same assertion.

Anti-bullying campaigners say white children are now in the minority in some areas raising their chances of being bullied.

Louise Burfitt-Dons, founder of the charity Act Against Bullying, which cut ties with Jade Goody after allegations of racist bullying against Indian actress Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother, said: “Normally all you hear about is bullying with racial groups being discriminated against.

“Whites are becoming more aggressive than they used to be as a result of trying to intergrate into a new society norm that is so aggressive. They have changed the way they behave in order to survive.”

I am not sure I have read this properly. I think the jist of it is that white children are finding it hard to cope in a diverse society. When white children are in the minority does that mean they are more likely to be bullied? Surely that is racially motivated and shows that whites are more likely to be victims in these sorts of things.

White children don’t seem to b coping well in a multicultural society, a society which their white parents and grandparents never even asked for but the self hating whites decided it was a good thing that white children lose their heritage and identity while at the same time being treated like second class citizens.

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