Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Government caught lying over bin collections

The government has been caught lying yet again. This time they have been caught lying about fortnightly bin collections. The government have been saying that there is no health risk to the public from fortnightly bin collections but a report showed different.

The report found that ending weekly collections would "significantly alter the pest infestation rates and hence the disease transmission at source", while vermin and insects could be "encouraged into the home environment".

The government didn’t just lie to the public, they also misled Parliament. When asked by the Conservatives about the bin collections they responded by saying there was "no evidence in published studies" to indicate a link between cutting collections and increased risks to health. The government weren’t lying because they refused to publish the study so while there was no evidence in published studies there was in studies which the government didn’t want to publish because it would show they were incompetent and wrong.

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