Thursday, June 26, 2008

Other cultures

Isn’t multiculturalism just great? Well it is if you like aborting baby girls, female mutilation and being allowed to rape women if they wear the wrong clothes.

Research suggests that more than 20,000 British girls are at risk of being mutilated all to follow some backward medieval barbaric custom that should have no place in a civilised society.

A study has found that 66,000 women living in Britain have already been mutilated. I bet those who love multiculturalism don’t care because this is what you get when you have multiculturalism. You can’t really complain.

Indians don’t seem to like girls too much either. They seem to like aborting the female foetuses much more than the male ones and if they can’t afford the scan to see if it is a boy they let the baby girl die when it’s born. Don’t you just love that? Thankfully there aren’t too many Indians in this country or we would have the same thing happening in the Indian community.

In Malaysia women have been told that if they want to avoid being raped they should not to wear bright lipstick and noisy high-heel shoes and this is supposed to be a moderate Islamic country. Someone should tell their men that they should control themselves and stop acting like worthless savages at the sight of a woman wearing lipstick and high heals.

The wonders of multiculturalism never cease to amaze.

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alanorei said...

The barbaric treatment of women in Islam is one reason why the end of 'colonialism' was a global disaster.

1. Islam immigration to the West has resulted in Muslim girls being tempted to find boyfriends outside their 'culture.' This results in honour killings and savage beatings by members of their own families that go largely unreported.

2. When Britain controlled Islamic countries after WW1, e.g. Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Persia (Iran), the strength of the British military was at least there to prevent or minimise these atrocities (except, regrettably, in Palestine, where British foreign policy favoured Arabs over Jews and precipitated the current mess). The same was true when Britain oversaw the then North-West Frontier (Pakistan and Afghanistan).

Somehow, the feminists in this country never seem to allude to these aspects.