Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diplomats commit crimes and get immunity

It seems that foreign governments are taking the mick out of this country. They commit crimes and for the most part are getting away with it.

Diplomats to this country have claimed immunity for everything including bribery and sexual assault and other crimes which would result in 12 months in prison while Venezuela is allowing drug barons to export their stuff into this country.

Anti-drugs officials estimate that more than 50 per cent of all the cocaine consumed in Britain has been trafficked through Venezuela - under the "revolutionary" regime of Mr Chavez. The figure could be as high as two thirds.

Senior commanders in Venezuela's security forces are thought to be profiting from the trade and actively helping the smugglers, notably by allowing them to use military airfields.

If I as living in Venezuela I would be wondering why Chavez’s incompetence has resulted in drug related arrests plummeting from over 11,000 to just over 1000 arrests. I didn’t think this was possible but they seem to be worse than Labour, possibly even worse than the SNP. That is an achievement…

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