Sunday, June 15, 2008

EU wont take no for an answer

Irish voters seized a chance denied to the British people last night and delivered a decisive 'No' to a European superstate.

Gordon Brown was left with a massive political headache after a shock result in the Ireland referendum on the Lisbon Treaty plunged the European Union into turmoil.

Today, Conor Lenihan, Ireland's Minister of State with responsibility for integration, said while he could not rule out another poll it was 'unlikely' the country would hold another referendum on the treaty. A second vote could inflict even more damage on the EU reform proposals, he added.

The EU will still get by the will of the people regardless of what people want. You see people don’t matter as long as they vote the wrong way. Before Ireland even voted no the europhiles already had a plan to get the treaty through.

By late 2009 or early 2010, when Croatia joins the EU, an amending "Accession Treaty" will be signed by all members including Dublin.

Ireland, like the rest of the Europe, does not hold referendums on EU enlargement treaties and with new protocol opt-outs Dublin may get a new Accession Treaty past the Irish parliament without a popular vote.

The EU treaty is not dead. It will just take 1-2 more years to get it through. The Irish voters this time won’t be given a choice incase they vote no just like with the votes in Holland and France.

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