Monday, June 02, 2008

Let him die

Ian Huntley is receiving extraordinary preferential treatment in prison to 'keep his spirits up'.

The killer of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman has tried three times to kill himself and the authorities are keen to avoid another attempt.

Officers guarding him have been told by governor David Thompson to treat Huntley - and fellow inmates - as 'extensions of their family' and use their first names or address them as 'Mr'.

In addition, 33-year-old Huntley was given a series of privileges within weeks of arriving at Frankland Prison in County Durham - privileges which others would take months of good behaviour to earn.

Why should this evil man get anything at all? He shouldn’t even be given soap. If he wants to kill himself they should let him. Prisons are full and they need the space. He would be doing everyone a favour if he killed himself.

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