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August 2007 monthly roundup

Crime is out of control and the government has no idea how to solve it. The only thing they are doing is releasing criminals early or tagging criminals even though 50% of criminals re-offend.

The government seems to be inconsistent when it comes to their drugs policy. Last month he was considering whether to reclassify cannabis then he slashed the drugs rehab budget and then the government decided that they should stop daily prison checks.

In today’s crime ridden country it’s never a good idea to stick up for yourself or stick up for those weaker than yourself. This has been shown on many occasions. On one occasion a man confronted a burglar who entered his home. The burglar fell to his death and the man was arrested. If the man killed him then he did a public service especially considering that the burglar was on bail for committing a similar crime.

A warden was arrested after he confiscated a bicycle from teenage yobs. Police also arrested a rail guard for confronting a drunken hooligan who was threatening passengers. He was then sacked by his company and he now can’t pay the mortgage. He is now awaiting trial. You would think that he would be praised considering the scale of the attacks on rail guards. They seem to be arresting the wrong people and when they arrest the right people they don’t seem to punish them. Sometimes it’s best not to get involved or you could find yourself seriously injured or dead.

Crime is so bad in this country that it has spread to the schools. Knife attacks on pupils are so common now that parents are buying stab proof uniforms. This is happening a lot in London where there are 170 different gangs for you to watch your back for with many having guns especially those that haven’t reached adulthood. It’s what gun control does to a society.

Instead of trying to arrest the teenage yobs that make peoples lives hell one police force decided that they were going to give their police lessons in skateboarding while another hired teenagers to be PCSOs. Even if teenage yobs are arrested they normally get let off with an ASBO but if they flout an ASBO they won’t be sent to prison so it’s a waste of time. You won’t even be sent to prison for benefit fraud or smoking cannabis in front of your children.

With all the uncontrollable crime going on is it any wonder that nearly half are too afraid to leave their home at night? We might start feeling safe when criminals are actually punished and humiliated like the drug dealer in Ulster who was tarred and feathered by locals. We also think that crime shouldn’t pay.

Eastern Europeans were shown to be dangerous drivers after we found that they were the cause of 15% of fatal road accidents. They were also plundering our fish stocks and poaching swans. Immigrants are even creating entirely new crimes.

There is lots of crime being committed in London and 20% of that crime is committed by foreigners. If we stopped immigration we would see a substantial reduction in crime. Sometimes the police are silly though. If you are willing to travel thousands of miles you aren’t going to go home even if a policeman gives you a map and tells you where the nearest detention centre is.

You would think it would take a long time for immigrants or asylum seekers to commit their first crime in this country but you would be wrong because a group of them weren’t even here for a full day before they started their gang warfare. I think the Swiss nationalists have it right when they say foreign criminals should be deported.

We all know that the government is criminally stupid and before the Eastern Europeans began to pour into this country the government decided that they would estimate the number that would come. They came to the conclusion that only 48,000 would come after they interviewed 169 immigrants. Quite how they came to that conclusion from interviewing that many is unclear. Infact there are so many Poles here that Poland have their own labour shortage. There must be parts of Eastern Europe that are completely empty as there are so many here that the government is refusing to publish the real numbers but there must be a lot considering 25% of births involve a foreign parent.

There are hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers in this country. Rather than find them and deport them the government wants to let them stay by giving them an amnesty. Some asylum seekers have already been allowed here and are being given luxury flats by the council.

The number of failed asylum seekers being deported fell this year with the government saying it was because they were going after foreign criminals but a few months ago they said the foreign criminals were no longer a priority.

The government seems to enjoy discriminating against white people. They have done a lot this year but sadly we are only looking at this month because this month they decided that they don’t want white English people applying for certain jobs especially those in the environment agency. When it comes to MI5 they are in a tizzy because there aren’t enough women even though they get better benefits than the men. I think something should be done about that.

The government seem to think that whites are second class citizens and have decided that black teenagers need better role models while white teenagers can get stuffed. If you are a white young adult the government like you even less which is why 20% of them are not in work or education .

There is a reason why 40% of children can’t even do the basics. It’s because of bad education resulting from the fact that some teachers barely passed their own degrees. When it comes to exams, many examiners are concerned because teenagers are writing violent essays.

Dumbing down seems to be happening a lot in education and they are set to dumb it down a bit more by making Shakespeare comic strips which don’t contain the old word styles.

The islamification of this country continues. This time it’s the education system that they are targeting. One primary school decided that it would be a good idea to get their pupils to copy lines of the Muslim prayer for handwriting practice while the government were thinking of making it compulsory for all university students to learn about Islam.

The TV channels started to help the islamication of this country. First the BBC cancelled a casualty episode because it could offend Muslims then ITV decided that they were going to show a documentary about what Muslims think about Jesus.

The Muslims are whining yet again. This time they are whining over Muhammed cartoons published in a Swedish newspaper.

I bet our troops are sure glad they joined the military as they could be holidaying in sunny Afghanistan for another 38 years. Being there so long you might want to pass the time by blogging about how the government treats you like shit. Unfortunately soldiers are banned from blogging so you can’t.

The war on terror isn’t going too well either. As well as a number of setbacks they have also lost 20% of their experienced intelligence officers. Our troops also have substandard military equipment and the Taliban seem to be phoning their wives and training child soldiers.

At first the government wasn’t going to give recognition to our troops serving in Afghanistan but decided it was a good idea to conduct a review into the subject. Perhaps our troops would rather have a pool than a medal? They won’t be given one unlike our foreign office bureaucrats in Afghanistan… but hey, atleast they will get free post.

The Gurkhas are also being treated like shit. After 18 years of service one Gurkha injured himself so badly that he couldn’t be in the army anymore. Instead of being grateful we gave him £100 and basically told him to piss off.

The smoking ban was again in the news with people doing their best to show that they don’t like it. One businessman is openly flouting the law and is probably going to win.

In Lancashire a café has banned non smokers from sitting outside in revenge at the smoking ban. Another lady from Lancashire decided to join the protest and banned the Prime Minister from entering her pub.

While some people were flouting the ban the government decided that they needed someone to punish so the first smoking martyr was to be prosecuted.

Smoking in public places has been banned for a lot longer in Scotland is has caused some unexpected side effects with more people arguing.

There was more than usual health and safety idiocy from around the country. The Health and Safety Executive decided to spend £12,000 of our money on finding out if towels are ok for slipper floors. The tests were inconclusive so they want another £12,000.

The Health and Safety Executive decided to go on a trip to an amusement park to find out how dangerous it is there. They came up with some crap conclusions and spent £110,000 on the project.

You may think that you don’t need any training to climb a ladder but health and safety bureaucrats think otherwise. The police handed control of speed signs to the local council only they didn’t have any trained ladder climbers and the police never had any trained ladder climbing instructors so the speed signs will have to wait.

In real life these health and safety people probably wouldn’t be able to get jobs. Where else would you find an industry where you can get a job looking at gravestones safety or deciding what kind of shorts are appropriate to wear in a pool?

The trainee doctors won’t be having a fun time. Atleast 10,000 It’s weird that the NHS has a £1 billion surplus. The question is if they have the money they should pay for more nurses and cleaners so war heroes won’t die when they contract a superbug. They could also pay for more ambulances so they don’t have to pay bus companies to transport organs for operations.

In an effort to make us recycle more the government is thinking of giving us smaller bins. It’s probably because they want to increase the number of fines they can take from you. The government likes taking money from you which is why they introduced HIPs which could be used to raise your council tax. Sooner or later we might have to build more houses in the countryside seeing as how the countryside has a housing shortage too.

If you are environmentally friendly in Croydon it’s probably best not to be environmentally friendly to save the environment

The government is hoping to close 2,500 post offices and they don’t like opposition to their plans which is why they are bribing and blackmailing post office employees to stay silent. The government like silencing any opposition which is why they are going to abduct a baby when it is born and ban anyone from talking about it. Gordon Brown is also stopping junior doctors from getting better paid jobs and he is trying to silence his own political party.

Our MPs think that they are above us. They think that they have an automatic right to our money. The speaker of the house earns £130,000 per year but that didn’t stop him from spending £3,000 of taxpayers’ money on legal advice. Our government will always want to tax us more so they are sending tax inspectors to foreign countries at our expense to find out ways of taxing us more. One way of taxing us more is using green taxes which people don’t want but the Conservatives don’t know that people don’t want this.

There was lots of wailing and crying over slavery by politicians especially Red Ken who was probably doing it to attract the black vote. He is sucking up to the Poles to get their vote too. John Prescott even called for a slavery Memorial Day while a museum decided to praise black people for ending slavery.

The EU was once again in the news. This time our minister to the UN decided that we should give our UNSC seat to the EU. The EU seems to like having a say in everything. They decided that Poland couldn’t build a road and they stopped Italy selling their gold reserves to pay off a debt. They even tried to get Texas to stop with the death penalty.

If we don’t want to be part of the EU we have no choice. Gordon Brown won’t give us one even though MPs and the unions are pressuring him. The MPs aren’t pressuring him that much though. Some are too cowardly to say anything because it could damage their careers but then again they might like wasting our money on politically correct projects. Why do we have to pay so much money especially when they make up stupid restaurant laws?

The disparities between the English and Scots have become apparent again. The Scots seem to be getting better healthcare than the English while the English pay for it.

The SNP want to give Scotland a referendum on independence while the other parties are totally against the people having a say.

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