Monday, June 30, 2008

News roundup 79

Queen refused government grant because of 2012 Olympic Games. I would rather give her the money.

Council banned from flying crest on Mayor's car after being flagged up as health and safety 'danger'. That’s just stupid.

Now health and safety cut number of holes in chip shop salt shakers. Could these people get real jobs?

Child knife victims are up by 62 per cent in just three years. Don’t expect the government to do anything.

Foreign drivers speed off without paying £10m fines in Britain. Just charge their embassies or take their car.

Grandfather with 'For Sale' sign in car window given £100 fine for running street business. Don’t they have anything better to do.

Bungling council bins a £10,000 'spy cam' meant to catch fly-tippers. Surely the rubbish collectors should have been told about it.

'Over 100 MPs' in multi-million tax dodge over second homes. Sack the lot!

BORDERS WIDE OPEN TO TERROR. The government don’t care.

Snatch Land Rover to be scrapped by the British Army. Headline a bit misleading but hopefully they will scrap it and replace it.

Whites discriminated against in all areas of life

Congratulations to all white males. You are now discriminated in all aspects of life. That’s equality you see.

When you went to school you will have found that you were discriminated against when your black classmates had more funding given to their education, infact they have access to £178 million worth of grants for their education while you get nothing. When you leave school you will be happy to find that the government are now planning to make it legal so that employers can discriminate against you and hire a black man even though you might be more qualified for the job.

Are you happy to find out what Labour is doing to you? That’s not all either. You will be happy to know that if you ever become hard up and have to rely on a charity (because you have received a terrible education and can’t get a job because you aren’t black enough) the government has been giving £18 million to ethnic minority charities while nothing is given to white charities

Would you like to try and stick up for white people by standing for the local council? Well the government are trying to get more ethnic minority councillors. They don’t really want you to stand but there is nothing stopping you yet.

Maybe you should become a fire fighter instead? Well that’s a bad idea too. You see the government has a quota for none whites. If the fire service doesn’t meet it they will have to give up £2 million in funding. Are you worth 2 million? I thought not.

Why not join the police force instead and kick the arses of criminals? Sorry this isn’t allowed either unless you don’t mind having inferior candidates promoted ahead of you. If that’s the case you might do well.

Don’t like all of this? Do you feel like committing suicide to get away from it all? You should phone the Samaritans first, well that’s if they still exist in your area. You see in some parts of the country depressed whites are phoning in such numbers that they are being denied access to money because they don’t help enough black people.

Suicide probably isn’t the answer to reverse the discrimination that whites receive. For the answer you should click here.

Labour party in trouble

It’s good to be a Labour party hater these days. The party is £24 million in debt and is heading for financial collapse which could destroy their ability to fight the next election especially if they lack volunteers to deliver leaflets.

This time their rich donors will not be bailing them out unless they ditch Brown in favour of someone else. The thing is every single Labour MP is a traitor and would never make a competent leader.

Labour is now desperate for any donations. They are doing everything they can to get the donations into the party including auctioning things like tennis with Blair.

If Labour don’t get the donations they need it is unlikely that Brown will stand down for the good of the party so that they can get the donations they need. He will probably just lick the feet of the unions and be on their payroll and do everything they want including giving them new rights to strike which Thatcher got rid of.

The best thing for the country will be that Brown steps down or the unions will get everything but could that make Labour extinct faster if they are seen to be under the thumb of the unions and not doing what is in the interests of the country?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

News roundup 78

Senior Labour officials 'to escape prosecution' over secret donors row. What a surprise…

Labour finish behind BNP in election humiliation. I hope it continues.

Labour Party manifesto 2010. Don’t laugh it could happen.

Labour MP pulled before chief whip for inviting 'Russian spy' to tea in the Commons. Shoot him…

Anger as violent criminals get fiscal fine deals. It’s the SNP this time.

Hand us £165m share of Olympic funding, SNP tells Westminster. They have a cheek.

City bosses 'ready to cut 440,000 jobs' as economic slowdown hits bank profits. This is going to hurt.

Britons have 'no money to cope with recession' as savings hit lowest level for 50 years. This is definitely going to hurt.

Over-stretched Heathrow should reduce flights to end delays, demands scathing report. Good idea.

EU forces market trader to pulp thousands of kiwi fruit because they're ONE MILLIMETRE too small. Why are we in the EU?

Pray and display: the new religious parking permit. That’s just stupid.

Children under eight banned from competitive football - because it's too stressful. They are going to have to learn how to deal with stress when they are older.

Reforming MPs pay

MPs could get a
daily handout of around £150 for turning up at the Commons in return for giving up their controversial second homes allowance.

Senior MPs drawing up reforms of Parliamentary expenses are said to favour the system that would have an upper ceiling of about £24,000 a year.

Isn’t this something that the European Parliament has? I am sure I read somewhere that all they had to do to get the money was to turn up and sign the register. They weren’t needed to actually vote on anything. Infact after signing they could just go home and still get the money.

MPs expenses should be reformed but not this way. Their salaries should increase, yes you read that correctly. I don’t think they do a good job. That’s not the reason why I think they should get a higher salary. Our MPs are of low quality. We should be trying to get high quality people to become MPs like executives who earn hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. We should pay enough to get rid of the idiots and attract the people who will benefit Britain. Give them £150,000 per year and you will see more quality people wanting to become MPs.

Reform their expenses too. Don’t give them money to buy a house. Buy a plot of land in London and build enough flats to accommodate them all. They will all have to stay there. In the long term this will be a cheaper option than giving MP after MP enough to buy a house and maintain that house. At first it will be expensive but once the land is bought and the flats are built there will be very little expenses for homes. All that will be required is a little maintenance.

For the rest of the expenses there wouldn’t need to be a limit if every single expense was made public. If people knew what they were spending taxpayers’ money on they wouldn’t spend it on stupid things. Look at Scotland for an example of what this has done.

Allow them to employ family members but make that public too. If their constituents feel they are being taken for a ride they can hold them to account.

Military need more aircraft

The armed forces could run out of
transport aircraft in two years, a report warns today.

Constant use in Afghanistan and Iraq is forcing the RAF to retire its ageing Hercules aircraft early, while the project to provide replacements has suffered years of delays.

There is a 'significant risk' that there will be too few planes to meet military needs after 2010, the National Audit Office report said.

What is this government doing? We hopefully won’t be fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan in 2 years but these aircraft are still badly needed in case some unforeseen conflict erupts which is increasingly likely to happen.

The government should be giving our troops whatever they need as Blair promised they would have before he left.

State intervention is the problem

Children as young as 5 will be identified as
being at risk of becoming criminals or troublemakers under government plans to tackle offending and disorder on the streets.

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, called for a huge expansion of state intervention in family life as a way of preventing young people from problem families drifting into antisocial behaviour and crime.

The last thing we need is state intervention in family life. That is what caused children to lack discipline in the first place. Let parents smack their children. That is the only way that parents will be able to control their children. There is no other way.

Diplomats commit crimes and get immunity

It seems that foreign governments are taking the mick out of this country. They commit crimes and for the most part are getting away with it.

Diplomats to this country have claimed immunity for everything including bribery and sexual assault and other crimes which would result in 12 months in prison while Venezuela is allowing drug barons to export their stuff into this country.

Anti-drugs officials estimate that more than 50 per cent of all the cocaine consumed in Britain has been trafficked through Venezuela - under the "revolutionary" regime of Mr Chavez. The figure could be as high as two thirds.

Senior commanders in Venezuela's security forces are thought to be profiting from the trade and actively helping the smugglers, notably by allowing them to use military airfields.

If I as living in Venezuela I would be wondering why Chavez’s incompetence has resulted in drug related arrests plummeting from over 11,000 to just over 1000 arrests. I didn’t think this was possible but they seem to be worse than Labour, possibly even worse than the SNP. That is an achievement…

Saturday, June 28, 2008

News roundup 77

Britain to get 3,000-strong border force to fight terrorism and illegal immigration. Good idea but it probably won’t work if Labour is in charge of it.

Police are forced to cut frontline jobs to save on fuel cost. Why not just cut the number of cars and make them ride bikes or just give the police a rebate on fuel tax?

School meals 'near collapse' as soaring food costs and lack of Government funding take toll. The government won’t do anything.

Killed by the Budget: Pensioner, 92, electrocuted himself because of taxes. Labour costs lives.

Council banned from flying crest on Mayor's car after being flagged up as health and safety 'danger'. That’s just stupid.

Knife and gun crime worsening. Will Labour actually do anything?

Gun gangs recruit eight-year-olds. Punish those who recruit children to crime.

Teenagers found guilty of crime has soared by over 25%, reveals Labour think tank. Labour can’t do anything right.

Appeal court says criminals' wives' assets untouchable. Surely they can be arrested for receiving stolen goods?

Ex-soldier taken to court over 'citizen's arrest' of yobs. He should have been given a medal.

YOB WHO PUNCHED PRIEST IN CHURCHYARD IS FREED. If the roles were reversed he would be arrested for racially aggravated assault.

Man who claimed Paddington train crash turned him into a killer can appeal for compensation. He’ll probably win.

Jail for rapes while on bail man. He should have never been allowed into the country.

Criminal freed from jail early because of overcrowding is accused of rape. Labour wrecks lives.

Paedophile ex-Tory councillor avoids prison. He should be in prison where he can’t do this type of thing.

Hazel Blears targeted by thieves - again. I hope she enjoyed it.

Force bans village bobby from bike because he hasn't passed his cycling proficiency. That’s just stupid.

Bailed terror suspect goes on the run after leaving suicide note. Why was he allowed out on bail?

Second al-Qaeda leader to be freed in Britain. He should be deported.

Bomb hero puts finger in trigger. He is a very brave soldier.

Flooding plan 'needs improvement'. That’s an understatement.

A month to save Dorset!. It won’t be saved. Houses are needed too much.

White children now victims of multiculturalism

White children are much more likely to be bullied than any other ethnic group - reversing racial stereotypes surrounding playground abuse, Government research indicates.

Two thirds of children from white families say they had been bullied in the last three years but less than half of children of Indian origin make the same assertion.

Anti-bullying campaigners say white children are now in the minority in some areas raising their chances of being bullied.

Louise Burfitt-Dons, founder of the charity Act Against Bullying, which cut ties with Jade Goody after allegations of racist bullying against Indian actress Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother, said: “Normally all you hear about is bullying with racial groups being discriminated against.

“Whites are becoming more aggressive than they used to be as a result of trying to intergrate into a new society norm that is so aggressive. They have changed the way they behave in order to survive.”

I am not sure I have read this properly. I think the jist of it is that white children are finding it hard to cope in a diverse society. When white children are in the minority does that mean they are more likely to be bullied? Surely that is racially motivated and shows that whites are more likely to be victims in these sorts of things.

White children don’t seem to b coping well in a multicultural society, a society which their white parents and grandparents never even asked for but the self hating whites decided it was a good thing that white children lose their heritage and identity while at the same time being treated like second class citizens.

Millions of homes need to be built

Up to 3.48 million new homes may have to be built in
England by 2020 if property is to become more affordable, the Government has been told.

The National Housing and Planning Advice Unit (NHPAU) is advising the Government that at least 2.96 million new homes should be built and as many as 3.48 may need to be added to the current housing stock.

The group also called on planners and decision makers not to focus on the current short-term downturn in the property market, which is seeing house price falls, but to continue to think about long-term housing needs.

This can’t go on forever. We can’t keep concreting over our countryside because of a rising population. The only reason that we need to build more homes is because of rising levels of immigration. If we closed our borders fewer homes would be needed stopping our environment from getting any worse that it already is.

We could concentrate on feeding our own population and less oil would be needed because there would be less cars and less need for building anymore houses (some vehicle needs to make multiple deliveries of supplies), roads, schools and hospitals.

The only logical thing to do so that we can have a healthy environment is to stop immigration all together.

News roundup 76

'Deadly diseases could escape from laboratories because of Government funding neglect'. If something happens we know who to blame.

Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'. Nothing will be done.

Maternity unit crisis: Labour accused of putting mothers and babies at risk by closing wards. Labour won’t do anything.

Families who lose home face six year wait for social housing as waiting list continues to skyrocket. It will be even longer the more immigrants there are.

2,200 pupils sent home every day as violent behaviour in class reaches record levels. Nothing can be done. There is no effective way for schools to discipline them.

Lack of field trips 'leave children ignorant of nature'. That’s just the way the government want it. If they are ignorant they won’t care that the countryside is being concreted over.

Let companies run state schools for profit, says Sir Simon Milton. Anything is better than the government controlling them.

Young Muslims 'are turning to extremism'. Deport them.

White boy, 12, suspected of being Islamic extremist recruit after he showed beheading videos to classmates. He should have never been allowed into the country.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Judges decide against referendum

Stuart Wheeler says he has "high hopes" of winning an appeal against a High Court decision to oppose his bid for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Two judges rejected the millionaire's claim that there was a "legitimate expectation" of a public vote.

I didn’t think he would win his case. There is no law saying that the government is banned from lying to the public so I hate to say it but the judges had no reason to vote against them even though I would have loved to have seen it.

We just have to hope that the judges of the Court of Appeal care more about the country than the law.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Other cultures

Isn’t multiculturalism just great? Well it is if you like aborting baby girls, female mutilation and being allowed to rape women if they wear the wrong clothes.

Research suggests that more than 20,000 British girls are at risk of being mutilated all to follow some backward medieval barbaric custom that should have no place in a civilised society.

A study has found that 66,000 women living in Britain have already been mutilated. I bet those who love multiculturalism don’t care because this is what you get when you have multiculturalism. You can’t really complain.

Indians don’t seem to like girls too much either. They seem to like aborting the female foetuses much more than the male ones and if they can’t afford the scan to see if it is a boy they let the baby girl die when it’s born. Don’t you just love that? Thankfully there aren’t too many Indians in this country or we would have the same thing happening in the Indian community.

In Malaysia women have been told that if they want to avoid being raped they should not to wear bright lipstick and noisy high-heel shoes and this is supposed to be a moderate Islamic country. Someone should tell their men that they should control themselves and stop acting like worthless savages at the sight of a woman wearing lipstick and high heals.

The wonders of multiculturalism never cease to amaze.

The NHS: Letting people die

Our health service is a disgrace. Those who need NHS help are left to die and are punished if they decide they want to contribute to the cost of their own care.

Albert Baxter, 77, was terminally ill. But he was turned down for a drug which could have prolonged his life and shrunk his tumour.

In desperation, he offered to pay for the treatment. But he was told if he did so, he would also have to foot the bill for the rest of his treatment, which he could not afford.

Mr Baxter must have lost all hope of living a comfortable life so he killed himself because of bastards in the NHS who would rather see him die than live.

Mr Baxter isn’t the only one being denied treatment. Tul Bahadur Pun is a Gurkha who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in fighting for our country but he was denied the medical care that he needed for a heart condition. The person who denied him treatment should be kissing his feet and giving him the care that he needs and not treating the poor man like something on the bottom of his shoe.

The NHS is a disgrace.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Olympics village runs out of money

The cost of the Olympics is about to make another rise. According to the National Audit Office the budget for the London Olympics could significantly overrun due to security costs and other factors.

That isn’t even the half of it. I believe they are underplaying how much it could actually cost. The Olympics village has ran out of money which now means that more public money will be spent to bail it out. That means more hundreds of millions of pounds down the drain to finance facilities which will never be used again after 2012.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Eco-towns will not help environment

Eco towns look more and more dubious as time goes on and they look as though they will constrain the freedom to move about. You could even be fined for driving out of the town limits. You will also be stopped from parking your car near your own home but don’t worry there will be a car park at the edge of town which you will have to pay for

The government have a reason for this. They hate freedom and cars give you freedom to go anywhere you want at anytime. They say that it is because the towns are supposed to be green but if that was the case why are the towns being built to lower environmental standards than other towns? Why are they being built to level 3 instead of level 6 even though after 2016 all homes have to be built to level 6 meaning they are zero carbon. Why not just build them to that standard now if it is to protect the environment?

Wouldn’t it make sense to build eco towns as most environmentally friendly?

Labour stops opposition money

Labour are in such debt that it will probably damage their ability to fight the next election. The Labour party know this so they are trying to stop opposition parties from spending and raising more money than the Labour party can.

There is to be a limit on how much can be spent on election campaigns. While this would be a good thing Labour are only doing it because they are facing serious financial difficulties and probably couldn’t fight an effective campaign if there was an election right now.

There will also be a cap of £50,000 on individual donations which will hurt the Conservatives much more than Labour who have decided not to put a cap on donations from unions who give Labour millions and effectively stop them from going bankrupt.

Trade union donations should also be capped at the same as individual donations but that would destroy the Labour party within weeks and Labour don’t want to compete on an even playing field. They want to be able to have the unions donate millions of pounds while the Conservatives spend time looking for more and more donors to help them.

Judge stops treaty while Ireland will vote again

There is good news regarding the EU treaty. A judge has temporarily stopped ratification. While it probably won’t lead to anything it still gives us a small glimmer of hope. If the judgement comes back favourably for patriotic Brits we can than Stuart Wheeler.

If ratification is stopped it could also mean that the European Union will not be able to expand which is of course the best thing that could happen. I don’t want millions of Turks coming to this country when we already have millions from other countries coming here.

The European Union of course don’t like any opposition to their plans so will get around any judgement and any opposition. In Ireland they are going to make the Irish vote again until they give the EU the decision they want. The new referendum will probably be held next spring so they can rush the treaty in as fast as possible.

How compassionate is your nurse?

Nurses are to be scored on how compassionate they are towards patients as part of a government plan to improve quality in the NHS to be unveiled in the runup to the 60th anniversary of the health service next month.

The health secretary, Alan Johnson, wants the performance of every nursing team in every ward across England to be measured, with the results published on an official website.

This is a stupid idea and will only lead to more money being taken away from healthcare. The patients will provide feedback but someone will have to check the feedback meaning at least 1 administrator will have to be employed in every hospital to check it over. They will of course be paid which will mean this money will have to come out of the hospital budget which they could use on treating patients.

I don’t know how many hospitals there is but let’s give an estimate of 200. If administrators were paid on average £18,000 per year then the bill for this new scheme would be £3.6 million per year which should be spent on healthcare. As you can see this is another stupid idea by a stupid government.

New born babies put at risk

A pregnant woman was forced to give birth in a
hospital corridor after being turned away from two other hospitals when she went into labour.

Humiliated new mother Emma Johnson gave birth in a hallway at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

This new mother isn’t the first and she won’t be the last mother for this to happen to. Hundreds of sick babies have been turned away from London hospitals because of a shortage of intensive care beds. This is just in London. What about the rest of the country?

There is also a shortage of 2300 specialist nurses providing neonatal care which is putting even more babies at risk all because the government doesn’t know what they are doing but there is another element to this. Could it be that rising levels of immigration has lead to this?

Birth rates have rocketed in recent years which have taken government planners by surprise. Why is this when the native birth rate in this country has been steady? The only explanation there can be is that it is because of rising levels of immigration. Think of another reason why government planners failed to predict it when the native birth rate has not been rising.

60 soldiers killed by faulty equipment

As many as
60 British servicemen have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan because the Government failed to provide adequate equipment, a Tory inquiry has claimed.

Frederick Forsyth, the author and former RAF pilot chairing the special investigation into the treatment of the armed forces, accused ministers of 'frittering away billions' on pet projects while refusing to give troops fighting overseas the resources they need.

He said the work of the Military Covenant Commission - set up by David Cameron to help develop a Tory defence manifesto - had uncovered 'inadequate' policies towards the military in virtually every area it examined, from healthcare and education for troops' families to housing and legal support.

I am not surprised about this at all. The government haven’t even attempted to keep our soldiers safe. They would rather see the soldiers die than provide them with equipment which they need which is why I am glad that the government is being sued by families of those servicemen killed because of useless equipment. I hope they win and the government are forced to do something about it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

News roundup 75

Lost rivers of London to resurface in Boris plan. If rivers have been concreted over it could happen anywhere.

Pollution in capital exceeds limits by up to 100%. Yet another reason not to live in London.

Demand for green biofuels pushing up food prices, Government report warns. That was obvious.

Two more years of food price misery. I think it will be longer than that.

US flooding ruins crops and threatens global food prices. Get ready for more food riots.

Households that fail to recycle waste face £50 bin fine. They can only get people to recycle through force.

Poll: most Britons doubt cause of climate change. The enviroloons are losing.

One in five Freedom Of Information requests turned down by Government. We should have access to more information.

LDA staff competed to spend taxpayers' money, Mayor's audit reveals. It’s not their money so they will spend as much as possible.

£11million: The bill for Home Office staff perks in ONE YEAR. Why do they need those expenses?

MPs set to claim £40,000 perk. Build flats for our MPs. It will be cheaper in the long run.

Gordon Brown plans to fight only one election. I hope he loses it.

MINISTERS 'GAGGED', CLAIMS DAVIS. Gordon doesn’t like debate.

Now mobile phone users could be charged to RECEIVE calls in the UK. Why can’t the EU just stay out of it?

Royal Navy warships may form part of EU fleet. I hope not.

User-generated content and weblogs - a new challenge. Translation: How do we control criticism?

Abortion increase in young girls. Disgraceful.

Near £600k bill for hospital parking in East Lancashire. They should give the money back.

NHS trusts 'failing on hygiene'. They should be prosecuted if anyone dies.

Military families should get preferential NHS treatment, Tories say. Good idea.

Government U-turn on plans to build new warships... sinking hopes for hundreds of jobs. The government hate the military.

UK inflation set to hit highest in a decade. That’s just great.

Terrorists allowed to stay

Sometimes our judges should be shot for the stupid decision which they make. Abu Qatada won’t be deported to Jordan where he is wanted on terror charges. He should be deported. It is irrelevant what that country’s criminal justice system is like. At the very least he should be rotting in prison for encouraging terrorism against people who don’t believe in Islam.

Another terrorist will also soon be released even though at one stage he was one of our most wanted terrorists. What exactly is the government doing allowing these scum to live in the country they hate?

It isn’t all bad news. Abu Hamza is finally going to be deported to America where he will face trial and hopefully the rest of his life in prison.

Prisoners to be rewareded for going on the run

Prisoners who go on the run could have the time cut from their sentence,
internal Government papers revealed last night.

Convicts will be able to count both the day they absconded and the day they were caught as time spent behind bars.

This is the most stupid idea I have ever heard. It is basically rewarding criminals for getting away with their crimes. It will just encourage more criminals to go on the run as all they will have to do is complete the rest of their sentence. It’s madness.

Anonymous witnesses to be allowed

The government has vowed to change the law to allow
anonymous witnesses in some court cases after a key Law Lords ruling effectively halted the practice.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said there was a real need for some witnesses to have their identities protected.

Mr Straw told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the law will be changed "as quickly as possible".

The ruling quashed the murder conviction of a man who was convicted with the aid of anonymous evidence.

While I sympathise with the government and the anonymous witnesses I think the law lords have made the right decision. Defendants should have the right to face their accuser as this is part of the process of a fair trial.

What the government should be doing is investing in witness protection programmes that will keep witnesses safe so that they do go ahead and tell their side of the story during a trial.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

News roundup 74

Burglary Hook lad's jail let-off. Why isn’t he in prison?

Our 'arrest-shy' police: They make half the number the Americans do, warns think-tank. Its probably because of all the paperwork…

Police axe 999 response teams across Norfolk to 'improve service'. How will that improve the service?

Government call to give 'Blunkett's bobbies' more powers and responsibilities. Why not just give us more police?

Don't jail young thugs, give them 'intensive fostering'. We should be jailing more of them.

Murder suspects WILL keep right to win bail as ban would 'breach their human rights'. That’s just stupid.

Taxpayers fund support groups for paedophiles. It would be cheaper to execute them.

MEP arrested on fraud allegation. Yet more criminal politicians.

Ex-soldier repels machete armed robbers. He should have been given a medal.

Task force formed to stop county's foreign criminals. Just shows you how much crime is committed by criminals.

Caretaker sues school for £50,000 after fall because he 'was not trained how to use stepladder'. This man is an idiot.

School sports day axed by killjoys 'in case children fall over and hurt themselves'. These people should be sacked.

Council orders pensioners to take down plastic flowers - because they are health and safety risk. They are just justifying their stupid jobs.

Council bans 'brainstorming' and replaces the term with 'thought showers'... for fear of offending epileptics. It doesn’t even offend them.

Not even Labour would do this

Homeowners face having to pay a specialist to
inspect their trees under a safety regime drawn up by one of Britain’s most respected watchdogs.

The British standard for tree safety inspection would require all trees to be checked by a “trained person” every three years, with a still more rigorous “expert inspection” by an arboriculturist every five years.

Tree owners will also be obliged to conduct a “walk-by” inspection themselves once a year.

The drive to make all trees subject to inspection is being led not by the Health and Safety Executive - which opposes the move - but by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Highly respected in the building and engineering industries, it is better known for its views on the composition of cement than on the health of trees.

I don’t think even the government would go for this. It would lead to even higher taxes and could be bad for the environment. There will be tens of thousands of trees under the authority of each local council. Could you imagine the bill councils would have to pay? All it would lead to is councils paying to have trees knocked down because they would be unable to afford the maintenance without substantially increasing taxes.

The government would be mad to go along with this. It would damage them during a time where they are trying to look like a green and environmentally friendly party.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another hospital bans flowers

Banning flowers in Dorset County Hospital must have been a success because now other hospitals are trying it.

This time South End hospital has decided to ban flowers for health and safety reasons for a trial period of one month starting July 7th. The ban is being introduced because the hospital believes flowers could pose a safety hazard with all the hi-tech medical equipment around beds.

Could this idiocy be coming to a hospital near you? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Are there 2000 terrorists?

The government doesn’t seem to be able to agree on the amount of terrorists in this country. In May 2007 MI5 said there were 2000 terrorists in Britain. Lord Stevens the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner disagreed and said it was closer to 4000.

A few days ago Gordon Brown makes a speech saying that the security services are monitoring 2000 terror suspects in the UK. It’s been over a year between MI5 claiming their amounts and Gordon Brown making his speech. Are we supposed to believe that the numbers of terrorists have remained static? I don’t believe that for one minute. Either our government is hiding the real numbers or the security services are too incompetent to arrest a decent number in one year. I don’t think it would be hard to arrest 300-400 of them particularly if they were actually terrorists.

This kind of makes a mockery of the government claim they need more time to hold terrorist suspects when it looks like they haven’t even made a move on any terrorists that they have been monitoring. Thank god the House of Lords might overturn the 42 day detention bill.

Ministry of Defence owes £3.5 billion

A hidden £3.5 billion of debt has been run up in the Ministry of Defence under years of Labour mismanagement, say the Tories.

This wouldn’t surprise me. The Labour party are unable to spend money properly and I don’t think they are able to stay out of debt because the military is in debt, the country is in debt and their own party is in debt. How can they be expected to run a country when they can’t even run their own political party?

If the military is in this much debt they should have never spent £3 billion on a satellite called Skynet, probably named after The Terminator satellite that waged war on humans. Are they trying to tell us something or are the people that make up the names of the satellites not that creative?

Gordon to punish Richard Dannat

Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt will not become head of the Armed Forces.

Sir Richard has incurred the wrath of ministers after commenting that soldiers are paid less than traffic wardens and their families in Britain are living in "appalling" housing.

He could have moved from his current post of Chief of the General Staff to Chief of the Defence Staff on the retirement of Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, but Sir Jock has been asked to stay on until a suitable replacement is found.

The government seem to hate opposition to their plans which is why they are going to punish Sir Richard Dannatt for speaking up for the troops. The fact is our troops are treated badly. They lack essential equipment that can save lives like the life of Guardsman Neil 'Tony' Downes who might have survived in his armoured vehicle if it had been fitted with electronic equipment capable of electronically disabling roadside bombs.

Spain to pay immigrants to go home

Spain will offer unemployed immigrant workers
financial incentives to return to their countries of origin, labour and immigration minister Celestino Corbacho told newspaper El Pais on Sunday.

A slowing economy has halted Spain's construction boom and building sites are laying off workers, including many from Latin America, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Corbacho said workers who agree to return will be entitled to receive accumulated unemployment benefits in two lump sums, provided they take their families with them and commit not to return to Spain for at least three years.

Corbacho estimated the incentives to be offered as of next month would affect 1 million workers and their families.

Immigrants account for about 10 percent of Spain's population, up from nominal levels in the early 1990s. In previous decades, many Spaniards left the country for northern Europe in search of work.

The BNP have been saying we should do this for years and now have been proven right. This is a common sense policy to deal with immigration but liberals just can’t see it that way. They are blinded by accusations of racism and just can’t handle that they are wrong.

Changing the education system

Our education system is inferior to many other countries. Children are given inferior teaching in failing schools and then they are over burdened with tests. The Liberal Democrats would like to change that.

The Liberal Democrats would replace national tests at seven and 14 which I think is a good idea. I don’t see the point in testing at 7 and 14. It doesn’t show anything but there is more reason to test pupils in their last year of primary school and secondary school. It shows how well the education is in both schools. In the last year of primary school they are about to take up a new challenge of secondary school while at the tests at secondary school decide their fate for the rest of their life.

The Swedes have also good ideas when it comes to education. I have covered that subject before but now the Swedes are going to adopt the IGCSE which is far more demanding that our own GCSE because it is internationally recognised and I believe we should do the same. Our country should be competing on the world stage and we need a better educated workforce to do this and the GCSE is increasingly seen as not worth the paper it is printed on.

Our schools minister doesn’t seem to like the IGCSE though. Jim Knight has said that "We do not agree that the IGCSE is in any way superior to the GCSE.” However as this government has an open door policy and is allowing anyone to come in and work the government should be allowing our workforce to compete on an international level like the Eastern Europeans are doing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Labour could force people into debt

High-earning families could be kicked out of their council homes in an effort to help needy people stuck on waiting lists.

And tenants who own a second property also face eviction under plans being considered by ministers.

The move comes after a report found 261,000 households benefit from cheap council housing despite having an income of more than £2,000 a month after tax.

This includes 38,000 families earning more than £50,000 a year - way above the national average of £27,000.


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But four million people with genuine need for subsidised housing are languishing on waiting lists.

The study by the New Local Government Network said householders should be made to do an annual tenancy review.

High-earners would be encouraged to move out or face a rise in their rents.

If the government were so bothered about low earners having access to houses he would stop people coming into this country to allow more homes to be freed up. If there are less people there would obviously be more housing to go around.

This is also just going to hurt people who have not earned enough to afford a house partly because of sky high taxes. Does this government seriously think that people would keep paying rent to the council if they could afford to buy a house?

All this will do is encourage more people to apply for mortgages who can’t afford them or don’t want to go into debt but have to because of government policy. This policy will just force more people into debt and the debt in this country is already bad enough.

Less food and energy because of EU rules

If you were the European Union fanatic and you were faced with the prospect citizens of a member state wanting to leave what would you do to make them want to stay forever? The answer would be to make them need you for all sorts of things like electricity and food and that is exactly what the EU is trying to do.

A proposed EU directive could force our coal-fired power stations to shut down earlier than planned. Our government is already going to close down nuclear power stations.

The EU already has a law in place which has been blamed for the recent blackout which resulted in 500,000 homes going without power. The European Union’s Large Combustion Plant Directive sets strict limits on the number of hours that some of Britain’s largest and most heavily polluting coal and oil-fired power stations can operate before they have to close in 2015. The time is measured in “stack hours” — the length of time that chimney stacks, rather than individual generation units, are in use.

It is clear what is going to happen if this is allowed to continue. We will rely more and more on foreign nations to power our country giving us every reason to stay in the EU because we will suddenly need them to heat our homes even though they are the ones that caused the power shortages. The same is true for our food. Once they control our food supply they decide whether we live or starve to death.

A new EU proposal would outlaw four fifths of the chemicals used by UK farmers and cut crop yields by between a quarter and a half meaning that we will have to rely more and more on imports to feed our country.

The EU knows what they are doing. They know that their actions will result in less food and energy for us and could result in us starving or freezing if we left it too late to leave, that’s if we ever left at all.

House of Lords could delay treaty

As the our government and the EU continues with the ratification of the constitutional treaty regardless of what the Irish have decided we are left with the House of Lords to save us yet again but this time they probably can only save us until October but it could be enough time.

If the Lords manage to delay it on Wednesday you can thank Lord Owen as the plans of europhiles will be scuppered yet again. If that fails we might have to hope that the EU will be willing to listen to two countries if the Czech Senate votes to reject it which they most likely will.

The EU still probably won’t take no for an answer which will probably mean that they change some of the treaty and say it is something different and stop the Irish from voting against them and tricking the Czech Senate into believing it is something else.

Monday, June 16, 2008

News roundup 73

Pensioners seized by Heathrow police - over 'inflammatory' protest T-shirts. Where are their rights?

Ian Huntley 'to convert to Islam'. This man should have been short long ago. There is something wrong with him

Criminals 'will be forced to wear high visibility bibs while carrying out community service'. How exactly will this stop them from committing crime?

Children's Tsar has 9ft fence built around his house to protect him from the 'yoof' he champions. Reality has finally struck him.

Warning over immigrant purse-snatch gangs. Don’t you love the diversity of crime?

Stop the bin inspectors and get fined £5000. They should remember who they work for.

Monthly rubbish collections on the way, waste chief warns. I wonder what health concerns this will cause.

Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol. Hopefully this could be harnessed on a bigger scale.

Civil servants sent to aid the poor live it up in 5-star hotel. How do they sleep at night?

Destroyers couldn't afford missiles

There seems to be a lot of cost cutting in the navy these days. When we get new aircraft carriers we will have to share them with France because we can’t afford our own.

Today I find out that HMS Exeter and HMS Southampton have been working without their Sea Dart guided missile system since Christmas so that the MOD can save a bit of cash.

The missiles, used to protect the destroyers and larger aircraft carriers against air attack, have been stored away even though HMS Exeter has sailed to the Mediterranean twice and joined a NATO-led operation in that time.

If these destroyers were ever attacked they would find it more difficult to defend themselves as their Sea Dart guided missile system is their primary defence.